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About Us

The love of relaxing outdoors with family and friends while enjoying nature was the inspiration for the creation of Sunny with Thunderstorms. Living for a time on the Florida coast, “sunny with thunderstorms” was always my favorite forecast. I could be enjoying the outdoors – relaxing and soaking up the sunshine, watching birds, bees and other local wildlife, or gardening - and just when the heat hits its peak, enjoy a quick afternoon rain shower that would pop up and renew the earth.

Sunny with Thunderstorms Party
It is this love of nature and the outdoors that drives Sunny with Thunderstorm’s mission of providing interesting and fun garden and patio décor and accessories – hand-picking items that inspire, help bring in and provide for wildlife, enrich garden beauty and bring surprises to visiting family and friends.

It is my hope that you will discover something you love for your outdoor table, garden or patio. Come back to our website often as we strive to find new special products to enhance your outdoor living.


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